Frequently Asked Questions

How much will I get back from my health fund?

That depends on which health fund you are with and your level of cover. It is best to get in contact with your health fund to inquire.


Do I need a doctor’s referral and does Medicare cover chiropractic?

A referral is not necessary to see a chiropractor. However, some patients may be eligible for an Enhanced Primary Care Program (EPC) referral. You will need to discuss this with your GP to see whether you are eligible for this. The GP can refer a patient for a maximum of five allied health treatments (including chiropractic) per calendar year.


How long does the first appointment take?

We ask you to allow approximately 40 minutes for the initial consultation and treatment.


Do I have to have x-rays?

If you have any x-rays at home we ask you to bring them with you. Our Chiropractors only refer you for an x-ray if they feel it is necessary. If so, you will be referred to an Imaging Clinic which bulk bills to avoid any out of pocket expense to you.


What type of treatment techniques are used?

Our Chiropractors use manual adjustment techniques and/or a special chiropractic tool called an Activator.


What is the ‘crack’ noise, is it the bones cracking?

The ‘crack’ noise is an air bubble popping. The bubble sits in the fluid surrounding the joint. The ‘crack’ noise happens as a response to the movement the chiropractor creates within the joint. It is similar to when you pop the cork or open the lid of a bubbly drink and it makes a noise as the gas escapes. It is the same with your joints.